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Release of the remixed and mastered “Gods of Dreams” album

We just released the remixed and mastered version of the album “Gods of Dreams”. With our new software we thought that this album deserved to be remixed. It sounds better. Right now it is available on CD baby at:
It will be in the other usual places in a week or so. 
We cover a lot of topics on this album. From ancient gods to dreams. The most interesting song being “Dream Dancer”. A long progressive rock song talking about dreams and the dream dancer who directs them.
Another of our favorites on this album is “The Awakening”, a dream imagery song. Is it a dream or reality?

2018 release of “The Future of Man” album

2018 brings the release of NOVA-K’s most ambitious project. “The Future of Man” is a concept album that explores one possible path that mankind might be on, three hundred years in the future. Song topics include what the future of society, technology and mankind in general might be.

Many thanks to Chuck Webster and Mike Sass for inspiring lyrics that really paint an interesting journey of mankind. Dale’s musical influence and arrangement skills can be heard throughout the album and Kevin’s multi-instrumental talents are everywhere. Mark’s vocal interpretations and drumming tie it all together.

We hope folks take the time to listen to this entire album and let their imagination paint the imagery of the songs.

Sufficiently Crazy album released in 2017

2016 brought work on a new album that was released in March of 2017 as “Sufficiently Crazy”.  It contains 11 songs and in the NOVA-K tradition, covers a wide variety of topics and musical styles. From the lighthearted “Cannabis Made a Man of Us” to the haunting “Sufficiently Crazy” this album is sure to have something for everyone. And yes, there are political songs on this as well. After all it was the election year here in the US.

New members to the NOVA-K Team

We are proud to welcome the newest member of the NOVA-K team, Dale Echnoz. Dale studied music composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and CU Boulder. He eventually made his way to Los Angeles and worked at several major studios including The Record Plant and Motown Records’ HitsvilleStudios. After a hiatus from music, Dale returned to Colorado and the music spark was reignited. His contributions to this project have also inspired the rest of us to reach higher.

Chuck Webster has been a lyrical partner for a number of years. His deep seated interest in the human condition as well as being a member of Mensa International, brings an in-depth view of the world. From man’s ancient beginning to the future possibilities of mankind, Chuck helps NOVA-K to explore these many facets of being human.

Mike Sass is another lyrical partner that has contributed to NOVA-K over the years. Mike brings the knowledge and passion of someone who has experienced the ups and downs of life. His CU education and unique perspective brings real life exploration of the art of songwriting.


As 2014 draws to a close we release a new album

It has been a long time coming but NOVA-K is releasing a new album called: “Take a Step Back”. We are pleased to announce a new member of our collaborative team – Mr. Kevin Johnson.

Kevin plays many instruments and has also contributed music to this latest effort. You can hear him on guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophone and yes, even accordion. He studied music and production in college and it shows.

The studio has gotten some major upgrades as well. New mixing board, new compressor, new computer, new microphone and preamp as well as a new library of sounds which has added a more robust sound to this latest album.

Joe and Mark are still adding their unique style and sound to NOVA-K. The overall feel to the album is a bit different than the previous endeavors, but  we hope you enjoy this one as well.

So Take a Step Back and Take a Listen.