Cannabis Made a Man of Us


Lyrics – M. Sass, M. Novak    Music – M. Novak


Tasty green bud kept in a jar

Hidden in our toilets hidden in our car

We put it in our brownies and our cookies too

When we visit Mom in prison we put it in her shoe

We have to hide it very carefully when getting on a plane

And make sure they don’t find it in the baggage that we claim.



Cannabis Made a Man of Us for oh so many years

Cannabis Made a Man of Us now it’s our career


We’re goin’ to a concert in our tie-dyed shirts

Smokin’ the stuff that will maybe make us inert

Let’s spark up a J

and let Maryjane take us away

The world seemed to look better through bloodshot eyes

We always felt better with the stoner guys.




“Hey Dad can borrow 20 bucks for gas?”

He’ll never know that is really for some grass

Tryin to buy a lid from the local cool kid

And bumming some Zig Zags from a guy named Sid

I hid it in the dog food but Fido found my stash

And now he’s layin face down in the neighbors trash




The best part of Wake and Bake is coffee and some cake

Start the day with a J and take Fido to the lake

Always be suspicious of the people you don’t know

But always  keep your cool don’t let your paranoia show.

After a 40 year wait you can sit back with your bong

Safe in the knowledge that you’re doin nothing wrong.




It's all about the music