Random Ideas

( Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster  Music – k. Johnson)


Random thoughts tell a story in rhyme

Two writers ideas in sync and in time

Musicians take the poem and make it a song

Giving life to  words so  people belong

Music’s their life to be heard is their dream

We hope that this song is not lost in the stream



Random ideas   make up your day

Random ideas   in your dreams they play

Random ideas   were once art in a cave

Random ideas   written down they are saved

Random ideas   the future they make

Random ideas   we all have a stake


I needed a smoke no flames was around

Checked all my pockets none to be found

Looking down the street no cars no feet

Last night’s parade cut short my sleep

There is always an angle in all that I do

It’s all about me since the age of two




Cadillacs  Ferraris what is the point

Tesla and Prius both anoint

Give me a truck that is noisy and large

The bigger the better shy of a barge

You’ve all heard the story of Carl and Kitty

Their trip ended badly oh what a pity


Gazing at the horizon it’s just a mirage

Random ideas lost in camouflage

Hind site is always better than now

A two dog diner only serves chow

Random ideas forged this tune

We’re done, we’re hungry now it’s noon



It's all about the music