Because It’s the Truth

  ( Lyrics M. Novak, C. Webster   Music M. Novak )


You might not believe me so look up the facts

Don’t get all your knowledge from the cable news hacks

The truth is out there but it’s not on the fringe

The lies they sell us make an honest man cringe


The truth can be crushed by mistrust and hate

The media thrives when fears the constant state

A grain of truth buried deep in the sand

When truth and lies equally stand



Because it’s the truth doesn’t mean that you’ll like it

Do you only look at the like minded views

Because it’s the truth doesn’t mean that you’ll like it

Don’t turn a blind eye and believe what they do


It’s up to each of us to break the liar’s hold

Are we smart enough to know the truth when it’s told

Lies find their way into the voting booth

But the hard facts remain because they’re the truth




When the torch of truth starts to shine again

We need a hero who is an honest man

Truth is the path that will benefit all

The purveyors of lies will crumble and fall




In the past a man was only as good as his word

Now politicians that lie at every turn

Lies repeated makes them no longer lies

These new values will make an honest man cry




It's all about the music