About Your View

(Lyrics – K. Johnson, M, Novak   Music – K. Johnson)


Go ahead and open your mind

You never know what you might find

Why do you believe what you do

Have you really ever thought it through

Did you choose wisely about you view

Or did someone else hand it to you

Why do you feel the way that you  do

Please don’t tell me you have no clue



Go ahead and tell me about your view

Don’t  let the facts get in the way

Don’t let the truth set it askew


No one ever taught you to think for yourself

You never questioned your thoughts on a shelf

Find another source and don’t be a fool

It’s not always right what they teach you in school

At some point in your life you must break through

And go beyond what your parents taught you.

As a child you were given a god

Not to believe would be dangerous and odd




You don’t have to believe what they say

The world changes every day

Go ahead and open your eyes

You might be in for a big surprise

Go ahead and open your ears

Let the truth  calm your  fears

Why do you believe what you  believe  is true

Please explain your point  of view



It's all about the music