Truth or Consequences

(Lyrics D. Echnoz, M. Novak  Music D. Echnoz)


Born to great advantage    His secrets not exposed

Chosen doors are opened    Others promptly closed

Star on the rise    He’s the perfect choice

Thrust into the spotlight   He claims to speak with your voice


The oaths have all been taken    The bible’s put away

His innocence is taken    From the very first day

It starts with good intentions    But the road to hell is paved

The consequences of his compromise    He’ll take to his grave



The truth and consequences of the compromise

Truth and consequences He’ll soon realize

Truth and consequences Fades the stars from his eyes

Truth and consequences His truth begins with lies

Lobbyists and congress   Ring the liberty bell

Looking for a payday   With a flags on their lapels

Enemies and allies   Are one in the same

Wrapped in false morality    Praise the Almighty’s name

It starts so slow and quiet   The trades they have to make

What’s given what’s taken   The fat cat bacon

As the dominoes start to fall  And his power starts to fade

He’s abandoned by everyone  There’s no more favors left to trade




His constituents are lining up   He’s finally on his way

With abandoned convictions   And nothing left to say

Indebted to the powers that    Made him this way




As his house of cards crumbles   And his friends abandon ship

His silence won’t protect him   He says he’s innocent

Money equals favors   The marks have now come due

Compromise can’t pay the debt   His words are never true

There are no consequences   He has his alibi

There are no consequences   It’s all been just a lie

Truth and consequences (repeat)

It's all about the music