Dream 205

Dream 205

By Vincent Greb, Mark Novak

You stand alone under the starlit skies
Give yourself to the night
A voice calls to you, you offer no resistance
And leave behind the chains that bind your existence

A doorway opens before you now
You step through in a daze
Your world goes beyond vision, Vision goes beyond your sight
Your part of the dreams that take you each night

And you fly past the mountains

You’re one with the sky
(It’s just a dream)
You spread your arms,
And embrace the breeze
(It’s just a dream)
You could fly past forever
You’re not bound by time
(It’s just a dream)
But the time ticks away
And it’s all in your dreams

Talk to Trees that have lived a thousand years
Bathe in Water that the sun’s set ablaze
Nothing’s impossible and nothing is true
You’re just part of the beauty that surrounds you. 

Though it reads like a storybook, it could take a dark turn
Without warning the Tears roll down your face
As this world reclaims the soul that it once set free
You reach the end of the chapter You must turn the page


Bring a relic back to this world
From your nightly journey
It will enhance the colors of life all around you
Yearn for the next flight to the world of your dreams

It's all about the music