Power for Sale


 Words and Music by M. Novak


Well there’s some folks out there talkin’ to the people

Telling them what to believe

They say they know what’s best for everybody

They know just what we need

It seems to me the truth is that the powers for sale



Power for Sale – It’s the American way

Power for Sale – It’s the status quo

Power for Sale – If you want in on the action

Power for Sale – Just let those big bucks flow


Now all the powerful men say it’s time for a change

But behind closed doors it’s the same old thing

They tell themselves they’ll do what’s right

Represent the people and fight the good fight

Then the green blood flows along the party lines

They can’t do what’s right it’s just not the time




The corporate movers and shakers, party leaders

Pull the strings of the men

So many promises are made there’s so much indignation

About the state of affairs

After inauguration day the players have changed

But it’s the same old game

It’s Power for Sale to the highest bidder

Power for Sale,  Power for Sale, Power for Sale, Power for Sale

It's all about the music