Music – M. Novak, Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster


Breakups are hard emotions turn cold      It happens often try again we are told.

Walking the streets and find a saloon       Happy couples inside, try again soon.

Willing to take another chance      It’s part of life’s endless dance.

Order a scotch or maybe a beer    A new love just might be sittin’ here



Slippin in between the sheets as their hearts skip a beat

Steamin up the windows and curling their toes

Will they take it from here no one knows


A look from across the bar        Connection made from afar

A toast to a possible tryst      An opportunity not to be missed.

A light points to an extra chair    pushed open he hopes she sits there

The connection is immediate passions on fire   The look in their eyes takes it much higher.




A cab is hailed they climb in the rear     The hotel is close they’re happy it’s near.

In the dark elevator it’s time to explore   The heat is rising they can’t take much more.

The room’s far away or it seems to be    Running down the hall fumbling for the key.

Rush into the room, the clothes hit the floor    Now it’s just them and nothing more.




The next morning well its breakfast in bed   Hopes for the future dance in their heads

Again the steam is rising before they must leave    Another chance to get a reprieve

They each hail a cab and go their own way    The steam is gone it’s just another day

They might meet again who knows what life might be

As the steam again builds they’ll have to wait and see.




It's all about the music