Building the Future


   (Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster  Music –  M. Novak)


Building the armada was a daunting task

Workers were assured so no questions asked

Money was pilfered from the social programs

The people of earth will be the sacrificial lambs


The charade lasted decades for the fleet to be built

The corporate leader’s vision seen with glee not guilt

They were building the future is what people believed

With no suspicion of ever being deceived.



For mankind to continue technology must win

AIMS made more AIMS again and again.

For the corporate nations leaders 300 ships to be made

Mars is the base for this clandestine charade

They’re building the future to hell with the rest



The armada assembled at the outpost on Mars

Building the Future to take man to the stars

AIMS are the workers, no humans involved

AIMS has no secrets security leaks solved


Ships were built for centuries of travel

All hope was on AIMS that their plans won’t unravel

Building the Future the armada stands tall

AIMS sends down word the leaders answer the call




Their escape ships leave home with rocket’s red glare

No other ships at the ready the deceived going no where

All humans on board were in a deep cold sleep

Building the Future is AIMS directive to keep[


The Ivory towers now empty lies are laid bare

The rest of humanity now knows that the leaders didn’t care

No hope, no future, no resources, no laws

The dream of building the future is now a lost cause.





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