(Lyrics – M. Novak, M. Sass)           (Music – M. Novak)


He stares back at me from the other side of the glass

His eyes are filled with memories of a distant past

I think I know this man , I think I know his face

He’s from another time from a much younger place.


As the years flow by and distort this face

The past is seen through the many layers of tattered lace

Memories falter and become unclear

Whatever their meaning they’re mine to cherish or fear



Memories right or wrong

Memories weak or strong

Memories or so it seems

Are these really memories or our mind’s dreams


Our memories live in a place all their own

Each time we recall them they’ve changed and they’ve grown

How much real truth is there in this history

Was it reality or fantasy , that’s the mystery


What’s the purpose of the memories that we recall

To soothe some pain or soften the fall

My memories sustain me they make me happy they maintain me

And as the journey continues we’ll all become someone’s memory.



It's all about the music