Boomers Boondoggle

(Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster  Music – M. Novak)


Carl and Kitty leave the showroom with glee

Pushing every button on their new 2023

Befuddled by icons, sounds and screens

“Don’t worry Carl, the book will tell us what it means”.


Their long dreams of a road trip coast to coast

The new car guarantees they won’t miss a signpost

Their faith in new tech is blind as they will see

“Don’t worry Kitty now I can drive hands free”.



The Boomers Boondoggle is now underway

The disembodied voice won’t lead them astray

No need to plan the car knows it all

Carl and Kitty are having a ball


The very first stop is not what they intended

But it must be right it’s what the car recommended

It said they needed fuel and it showed a location

Whichever station paid the most that is  their destination.





Kitty asked for music Karl fingered the display

What they heard was not the music of their day

They’re tired in Nevada looking for a hostel

The car drove them to the lobby of a brothel.




Karl plots a course Kitty wants to smell the sea

Kitty asks Karl why does the sign say Corpus Christie

Karl blames the car for not getting to the Pacific

But technology demands that Karl be more specific.


The drivers now the passengers just along for the ride

Our abilities to engage and navigate have died

Does AI mean anonymous injuries and the lawyers get the check

Blind faith in tech what the heck, let’s have a wreck.


It's all about the music