King of the Ashes

(Lyrics – M. Novak, C.Webster   Music – M. Novak)


Sometimes our emotions can run well out of line

We have a choice of restraint or destruction this time

Anger comes easy it ignites with a spark

It clouds our clear thinking puts control in the dark

Winning at all cost is the ultimate goal

All bridges are burnt to embers and coal



If you let your emotions spark deadly flashes

Would you let it burn to be king of the ashes

This wild fire creates deadly backlashes

Would you let it burn to be king of the ashes

Would you fan the flame to win these clashes

Would you let it burn to be king of the ashes


Politicians and wall street are the Kings of the ashes

They burn up your hopes with ego tipped matches

Our future hopes and dreams are a promise of big return

Our money stokes their furnace and we just get burned

They manipulate the market to make money up and down

With their unearned profits they never have a frown




With promises of change we vote them to office

But their loyalties soon change to the highest paying caucus

To be king of the ashes that’s their highest goal

As we turn to ashes there is no sympathies just control

As they turn on each other with thoughts of being king

They’ve created mountains of ashes only destruction they bring


Lust is the fire the only reason we are here

Uncontrolled desires leaves victims filled with fear

Men of power seem to think they have a free hand

Abusing and burning to ashes those under their command

Victims have risen as their empire crashes

The once powerful men are now just king of the ashes

It's all about the music