The Earth is Crying

(Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster    Music – M. Novak)


A unique blue marble, a paradise named Earth

Streams ran clear unimpeded to the sea

Skies of blue,  clouds of white,  a climate for rebirth

Teeming with life,  evolution runs free

Animals roaming on the open range

But soon evolution will not be the only way of change



It started as rain When the earth was crying

Now the color is red the earth is crying

Now oceans of plastic The earth is crying

Now brown skies above The earth is crying

Wounds that don’t heal The earth is crying

But the corporate nations just keep on lying.


From a group of primates there evolved mankind

Early man was in harmony with nature at the start

When city states arose they were no longer aligned

When man became civilized he lost his natural heart

Man’s lack of understanding of virus and germs

Their waste,  first pollution with it’s own terms




When humans started harvesting pieces of earth

Perceptions of abundance they were given little worth

With hot fires burning they forged iron ores

Making gears and rails and weapons of war.

The earth is crying and it’s tears turn to blood.

Will it’s  tears raise the seas and create a devastating flood.




Mother Earth is now raped for a few men’s greed

The scars on her surface shows where she bleeds.

Her gifts to mankind are finite by nature

Business men still ignore Her warnings of danger

When profits are seen as rights given by god

Nothing else matters and the earth starts to sob


It's all about the music