Social Media


(Novak / Sass)

Music: M Novak

I’m listening to you, but what did you say
I just get so distracted everyday
The value of sittin down with a close friend
Has been replaced by just hitting send.
Face to face talk has become obsolete
If you wanna talk to me, just send me a tweet.


Talk talk talk with nothing to say
Text text text it consumes your day
There’s nothing social about it go out in the world and play
Open your eyes and put the tech away.

Anonymous hatred, anonymous rage
Post it all on your Facebook page.
Bend the facts, no proof is needed
It must be the truth ‘cause its all been tweeted.
You talk about nothing as if other will care
What makes you think these are things you should share?


When we look to the future what will it be?
Our minds imprisoned or our wills set free
Will we courageously stand on the public stage
Or forever be trapped in social Media’s cage
Is it nothin but pop-up adds or a good use of your day?
It’s always your choice don’t let them choose what you say


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