Visitor From the Stars


(Lyrics – M. Novak, M. Sass  Music – M. Novak)


He’s a vagabond from the stars trying to heal his earthly scars

He’s traveled to foreign lands and searched for helping hands

Turned to gods and substance kept in jars

But his thoughts always turn back to the stars


He’s seen man at his worst and man at his best

But human’s reactions have not passed his test

The fate of the race is not his to make

In man’s future he has no stake



Visitor from the stars thought to be a god

Visitor from the stars man’s beliefs in him were flawed

Visitor from the stars called Jesus by some

Just a space traveler a highly evolved phantom


After centuries of living with the human race

He’s ready to shed his earthly face

Escaping the bonds of this doomed place

Ready to ride through the stars to his birthplace




As he abandons the earth for outer space

Will there be another phantom to take his place

Man’s needs for gods  is always strong

Ensuring another will come along

It's all about the music