Gods of Gold


Lyrics – Novak / Sass
Music – K. Johnson

I am a God of Gold
I control your life whether you’re young or old
You can’t escape my chokehold grasp
One word from and I own your ass

Stationed high above struggles, reality and rules
The gods steal wealth with ambiguous tools
Friends in high places elected by all
But they have to worship the gods to remain in the halls.

They’re bankers or Lawyers or CEOs
No matter their title they are the gods of gold
Friends in high places are bought and sold
They’re the exclusive property of the gods of gold.

Defaults and derivatives not swords and shields
The weapons have changed that the gods now wield
The battles less bloody than in the days of old
But the death toll still mounts from the gods of gold


Their profits and power trump the American Dream
The gods of gold make you follow their scheme.
Your buy-ins all exclusive if you choose to play
And if you want to get out, there are steep penalties to pay.

Do you truly strive to be a god of gold?
Do you think you’ll get there if you do what your told?
It’s a very elite club the one percenters.
Are you willing to sell your soul to become a member?

It's all about the music