Puzzle of Love



As life gains meaning and time grows small
The puzzle of love changes for all
The beautiful girl in full disguise
Thinking you know her by the look in her eys
Lust was the spark lit by nature’s way
Love being carnal kept questions away


Puzzle of Love – many pieces there are
Puzzle of Love – if the pieces still fit
Puzzle of Love – interlocked you are
Puzzle of Love – hold on and don’t quit

When the Two become Three, life will certainly change
Things of importance have been rearranged
The stress of the day, you just sleep in bed
No roll in the hay because life fills your head.
The demands of the third are your focus today
When the oneness of two has all gone away.


Togetherness is now the embers that glow
Honesty and trust will make the partnership grow
Caring for each other in times of need
Now more important than lust or greed
Respect and sharing what each one would ask
No games, no judgement, no lies, no mask


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