What is NOVA-K about? The short answer is, of course, music. Mark, Kevin, Joe, Dale, Chuck and Mike have been collaborating for years on original music. With the changing way music is brought to the public via the internet, they decided the time was right to release albums.

All of NOVA-K’s lyrics covers a lot of territory regarding the human condition. It is not just simple musings of love gone good or love gone bad – although those topics are covered  in a more compelling way.  It explores other traits like politics, addiction and loss of family and self.

Joe, Mark, Kevin and Dale have honed their musical skills for many years in the live arena as well as the studio. All are multi instrumentalists and enjoy creating a soundscape of tones and moods using harmonies, riveting guitar work and the ever changing sounds of synthesizers.

What does NOVA-K sound like? Well, it sounds like NOVA-K. This is always a difficult question to answer. Everyone has their own perception. It has been said that NOVA-K is a mixture of David Bowie, The Cars, Steeley Dan with a bit of Rob Thomas thrown in. Bottom line is that NOVA-K is just good rock and roll with engaging lyrics and music that will have your foot tapping and your mind traveling.

So sit back, crank it up and enjoy NOVA-K.

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It's all about the music