27 Club



Amy, Janis, Jimi and Kurt,
What could have caused all that hurt?
Robert, Jim, Brian and Pigpen
All the club members had an untimely end.
All guaranteed legends to be,
But none ever saw decade three.


27 Club – elite dead members
27 Club – fans will remember
27 Club – entry price is high
Hendrix and Joplin flew to the sky

A needle, bottle, crack or a pill,
Were they seeking peace, escape, or just the big thrill
They all left this life at only 27 years old,
The music now frozen no more to be told
You’re missed by all but your music lives on
Your death the price paid for a few good songs


Listen to the past it speaks to us now
Measure, restraint moderation is how.
The signs and messages are there to see,
Heed them not and a member you’ll be.
Legends are born not because they died young
Take a better path and sing for a long time to come

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