It’s Only Business



It’s only business, nothing personal you see
We had to let you go but its best for the company
The rich executives just need more money you see
It’s only business, nothing personal you see

Our profits are up and your performance is down
So we’re sending your job off to China Town
Don’t take it so hard, that’s just what we do
To make lots of money, we sure as hell don’t need you.


It’s only business – so anything goes
It’s only business – we have to outdo our foes
It’s only business – you’re just a number to me
It’s only business – nothing personal you see

We’re sorry if you lost your car or even your home
Maybe you could make some money selling your chromosomes
We’d like to help but you know our hands are tied
Maybe you could start a new career in potatoes french fried

We’ve got record profits now and business is good
Starting next week, we gonna bulldoze your neighborhood
It may be our fault that your life didn’t go as planned.
But our execs make more money when we work in a foreign land


It’s only business, It’s only business

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