(Lyrics M. Novak, C. Webster  Music- M. Novak)


Regrets can be seen in two different ways

A choice made in the past or yet to be made

The idea was sound the selection took days

Time revealed the outcome and it made us afraid


The paths of life mostly a one way street

Regrets are painful when you thought you had won

Good or bad decisions the choice is complete

Regrets are painful when it’s left undone



Regrets are common we all have a few

Mistakes can be used to learn a new way

Regrets shine the light on options that grew

Take action take chances, it’s a brand new day


Many regrets are not inflicted by you

Big business creates falsehoods and needs

Illusions of happiness afforded to a few

Seeds of regret planted they grow like weeds.





Their blossoms and blooms poison our minds

Creating the needs that will never be met

Sorrow and anxiety the fruit of the vine

Constant yearning makes raging seas of regret




Circumstances have changed made the choice a regret

In life’s endless gardens which fruit do we pick

The odds were against us but we placed the bet

Tasting both sweet and sour’s the trick


Choices were made by your perceptions of life,

More options seem clear as time slips by

Selections are pruned with a knowing knife

The choice finally made by the unblinded eye




It's all about the music