Candle in the Cave


  (Lyrics M. Novak, C. Webster  Music  M. Novak)


Man was born in a cave eons ago

Surrounded by darkness danger and fear

Holes deep in the ground gave safety below

Man’s  first candle was drawing bison and deer


Man left the cave when farming was needed

Many faces to shelter, clothe and feed

The new gods simple requests were honored and heeded.

The candle burned brightly through centuries of need



Candle in the cave lights the path for all

Fighting against the wind of fear not afraid to fall

Candle in the cave lights the path for all

The few with open eyes see the writing on the wall

Candle in the cave lights the path for all

The flame is needed to prevent permanent nightfall



The flame discovered the power of the sun

Birth of civilized man came from the joining of clans

More time for fertile thinking given to everyone

All eyes now open empowering the artisan hands


One god is created in the image of the leaders

The flame of wisdom extinguished by artifice and sword

The great libraries were burnt knowledge lost to the readers

All eyes now closed to all but the new lord




Out of the ashes glowing embers remained and ignited

A few free thinking men were now the only candles in the cave

Their questions to the church leaders came uninvited

New knowledge built courage in the ones that were brave


The flame of the candle now the torch of Science

On the moon, unraveled DNA, connected the world

Reason and Logic finally formed the alliance

The earth united its new flag unfurled



The torch of wisdom now flickering in the wind

The new alt right TRUMPeting ignorance and fear

Grassroots candle flames united to win

Keeping the torch glowing not letting it disappear

It's all about the music