Talking Backwards

Talking Backwards

Lyrics – V. Greb, M. Novak, K. Johnson
Music – V. Greb, K. Johnson

Lately things just haven’t been the same
I see you changing but you’re not to blame
Your mind is slipping and we don’t know why
We’ll chase the answers across the sky
There’s nothing on this earth that we won’t try.

Lately things aren’t what they used to be
I can’t refuse you when you try to talk to me
Your words to me, they sound so strange
All the letters are rearranged
Can’t you see I’m begging you to stop…STOP!

Talking backwards

You reach deep in my soul
Talking backwards
I am in your total control
What do you mean when you say,
I don’t understand what you say
But I’ll do your will anyway

I don’t know how much more I can bear
If there’s a god up there why does he make life seem so unfair
How can I help shield myself
From what I see as living hell
How can I break this deadly spell.

If you were me what the hell would you do
Would you have all the strength you need to see it through
I can not question what you say
Your scattered thoughts are so far away
All I can think of is yesterday.  Sweet Yesterday 


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