If It Takes Money

  ( Lyrics – K. Johnson  M.Novak      Music – K.Johnson )




Preachers talking at you on sunday morning

Asking you to pay to hear his warning

He needs a small donation to save your soul

But getting a new rolex is his only goal

Screaming hallelujah at the top of your lungs

Your belief is so strong you’re speaking in tongues

Beaming with belief as they pass the plate

Every dollar you give helps determine your fate




If it takes money to save your save your soul


Where in the hell do the poor people go

If it takes money for your soul to be free


How much money should you pay for the key


Believers equal money show them no contempt

Because their weekly fleecing  is all tax exempt

No one ever questions where the money went

According to the elders it’s all well spent

Swaggart and Baker didn’t practice what they preached

To them the word of god’s just a figure of speech

From the revival tent to the chrystal catherdral

Paying the preacher to protect you from evil




Profiteering kick backs, is big pharma’s game

They take your last dollar they have no shame

Just ask your doctor it says in the add

Ten bad side effects that ain’t so bad

All made for diseases you never knew you had

But the cure will take money and the prescription pad

Wealth for health playing on your fear

If you can’t afford it go have a beer




If it takes money to save your health

Where do people go if they have no wealth

If it takes money to stay alive

How can the poor people survive

If it takes money to be gratified

The finer things in life will be cast aside

I know that it may sound funny

But there’s more to life than just making money

More to life than just making money



It's all about the music