It’s Not Your Turn

(Lyrics – M.Novak, C. Webster     Music – M. Novak)


Life is not fair it has no favorites

Balance in life is the best we can wish for

Hope and prayer are the illusions we use

But wins and losses is how we keep score

It’s not your turn


Life was once simple, innocent and free

Everything you needed was easily had

Despair was brief shown by a tear

It changed by the moment from happy to sad

It’s just not your turn



It’s just not your turn for the good or the bad

It’s just not your turn to get what you need

It’s just not your turn to be happy or sad

It’s just not your turn to win or concede

It’s not your turn


It’s not your turn to find the perfect romance

The heart’s pain and pleasure can’t be controlled

Love is indifferent it happens by chance

It’s not your turn and the hearts not consoled

It’s  not your turn



As you start your career the ladder must be climbed

Filled with expectations you’re the one for the job

The doors open and close but they’re always ill timed

The top rung missed again you feel robbed

It’s just not your turn





As the clock keeps moving and your caught by surprise

Your plans for the future are now the now

Your dreams for today and tomorrow have died

It’s finally your turn but you forgot how

It’s now your turn

It’s now your turn


It's all about the music