Word Burps

(Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster  Music- M. Novak, K. Johnson)


Plains thunder overhead bombs away

There’s nothing new about today

Lonely people wonder all about

Close your mouth when you shout

Emotions command your every move

Raw feelings are exposed can’t be smoothed

Hackers cause pain to helpless users

No one  believes the brave accusers

Your eyes only see what fits you

You only believe what you thought you knew



Memes of the present Word Burps of our time

Shouted by all except for the mimes

Believed without any thinking

Our free will is shrinking

The sound bite machines attack every day

Clouding our judgment they lead us astray

Saturated with words looking for relief

Whatever’s in the burp turns into belief


Music bleeds to the beat it’s life’s blood

Specific emotions get lost in the flood

All flows downhill with a plumbers burp

Many eyes on the screens users lurk

The first word we learn is no, given at birth

Creativity gives us all self worth

If we agree there’s no value when Its free

Then unconditional love what would it be

Authority questioned when the veil is lifted

Falsehoods exposed fear has shifted




Stop signs  removed full speed  ahead

Whizzing  past the graveyard without dread

Water flows uphill when the norm has a tilt

Religion flows downhill a tsunami of  guilt

Lizards lay lazily scales reflecting

Antenna are up truth is detecting

Iron ore is the sword in the stone

Keeping friendships alive you’re never alone

The Red Queen runs to stand still

If she stops then others eat her at will.





It's all about the music