I’m Lost



I don’t know myself, I turn away from the knowing
My eyes closed to seeing me, I fear the chance of growing
I wear the skin of others, the clothes of my brothers
Dressed by the world, by humanity. Trapped by the garb of normalcy
Marching to the drum of society
But the conductor’s song can’t be reality


I’m Lost – the paths not near the, direction unclear
I’m Lost – the maestro’s decree won’t set you free
I’m Lost – no beacon to find, it’s all in my mind (only at end of song)

Alone in my head I scream for release
In silence I pray, no beg for some peace
Peace won’t come without cost,
But despite my best efforts I’m still lost
This hard life has taken its slice, but there’s another chance to roll the dice
My heart pounds as I throw, hoping this time I’m in control


As the bones tumble, holding my fate,
Dirt or diamonds something lands on my plate
Snake-eyes or boxcars whatever the roll
Life’s a game of chance payoffs unknown
The maestro commands you to play your part
Making you think it’s your music, your art.
Life’s rhythms set and we must march along
But the melodies ours so it makes it our song.


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