Watch What You Say


Novak / Sass

Music: M Novak

You must speak softly on any given day
Lest people hear what you have to say
Those words from your lips aren’t for all to hear
Especially those with an ill-tuned ear.
Someone’s always listening even when you’re at home
Don’t be fooled, you’re never alone.


Watch what you say – don’t give your thoughts away
Watch what you do – or they’ll be comin for you
Watch what you say –they’re listening night and day
Watch what you do –someone’s spying on you

Whatever you use, internet or phone
The paranoid entities interest is shone
Your unbridled thoughts for anyone to see
Freedom of expression is not really free
Everything you do or secret you had
Will return to haunt you and drive you mad.


If put yourself on the web for all to see
There is freedom to share and freedom to be.
But the cost could be high from your bosses and friends
Intrusive inquiries seem to never end
Watch what you say every minute of the day
Before you know it your freedom’s taken away.


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