Worried Eyes

(Lyrics – M. Novak,  M. Sass   Music –  M. Novak)


As I look at the world through worried eyes

I think back to my childhood days

I longed for nothing there were always blue skies

Playing all day was the boyhood way


As I grew into my teenage years

My worries and needs weren’t as big as they seemed

I became more aware of my parent’s fears

But I knew my life would be as I dreamed




Seeing the strain on my father’s face

As he looked at the world with worried eyes

Every single day it’s the same rat race

As he navigates the world with worried eyes


I’m moving my life into a slower lane

I look for my dreams but my search is in vain

Different dreams realized are now my prize

I look in the mirror and see my own worried eyes




My time has passed it’s been a good run

Looking through worried eyes didn’t blunt the fun

Twists and turns on the path of the living

Leads to worried times about taking and giving






It's all about the music