A Life Taken


Mark Novak

As I look into your eyes once tender and warm
You once raised me and loved me you kept me from harm
My memories are all that remain
All your eyes show now is confusion and pain
A life taken but not yet gone
As I watch you try to live each day
I can’t understand what you do or what you say
No one can help you although many still try
I hope I have a chance to say my last goodbye


A life taken but not yet gone
The cruel condition is at every dawn
A life taken but not yet through
All that’s left is the ghost of you

As your mind melted away there is no cure
I can’t even imagine the nightmare thoughts that you’ve had to endure
I pray you aren’t aware of the demons to come
And I hope you know you were never shunned
A life taken but not yet through
I dream of the day you awake from this hell
Your mind’s returned and you’ve got stories to tell
Of battles and victories from the dark other side
So you can again live your life without being terrified


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