The Exodus


                  Words and Music – Dale Echnoz


300 ships racing to creation, refugees from earth on board

Solar sails hoisted in the cold dark void, inching to the infinite

Lifeboats built with man’s last gasp, one final desperate cooperation

We are the last of our kind


Nations crumbled, Fail safes failed

Chaos fell to madness, we stayed hidden and prepared

Our once blue planet dying from neglect, troubles turned to struggles and we left

Better to leave than be left behind.

Pre-Chorus 1:

Tomorrow we walk in the future

This day, destiny before us

Old life,, and regrets left behind

We shout with one voice




All’s quiet on the Exodus


This road , before us, we are pulled to the light


Of new tomorrows, man’s last chance

All’s quiet on the Exodus

All’s quiet on the Exodus tonight


200 years in dreamless hibernation, it’s a deep cold sleep

Corps of Van Winkles coming back to life, shaking off the centuries

Rising sons and daughters of the Exodus, see their corner of the universe

Hungry for home, for the first and last time


100 Souls seeking their salvation, pilgrims from mother earth

Immigrants standing on the promised land, they’re alien expatriates

Shelters built boundaries are drawn, The manifest destiny of last resort

Staking our claim, the armada of man


Pre-Chorus 2:

No fault no path of least resistance

Double sunrise hours away

First morning of the first day

We shout with one voice




Pre-Chorus 1:




It's all about the music