Deacon’s Journey

(Lyrics C. Webster, M. Novak  Music – K. Johnson)


Deacon’s eyes now open to another day of the same, Is Deacon to blame?

Same old friends, and the same old drugs, same old hood  that can’t be good?

No jobs or prospects it’s time for a change that’s not deranged.

Uncle Sam is the only choice for Deacon to find his own voice.


His journey begins with open eyes breaking all those old binding ties

New places and people new life to learn is Deacon ready for the term

Changes and tasks come everyday Deacon has no time to play

Deacon no longer known in the hood Oh thats good?



Deacon’s journey is a lesson for all

If you see yourself in him answer the call

On Deacon’s Journey you could possibly fall

Don’t let that stop you, give it your all

Failures will happen but don’t withdraw


Deacon’s travels take him far and wide his old ideas have to hide

Other lives he sees along the way in him they will always stay

Life’s colors are many and bright not just his old  black and white

His mind now open to making new friends their different views Deacon now defends


Looking back on the sites burned in his eyes now the old home is just too small a size

The beauty of nature now out there for him, Deacon knows that he can swim

Deacon’s memory of the hood no longer understood

The road to the old home is no longer in him Deacon found that home is within


It's all about the music