New Video

Here is a link to a scary video just in time for Halloween. It is for a song from our newest album “Word Burps”. The song is “Boomer’s Boondoggle”, the story of Carl and Kitty who buy a new car with all the gadgets they know nothing about.

The album is available on Amazon:…/…/ref=sr_1_2… and at CD Baby:

Check out the other videos on the NOVA-K page:

New Album

We will be releasing a new album very soon. It will be on Amazon, itunes, CD Baby and many other outlets. Hoping for Sept 2 but may be a bit later. It is titled “Word Burps”. It has a variety of musical styles on it from hard rock “Is it OK”, to blues “Deacons Journey” to our very darkest song to date “Graveyard Bell”.
You can find our last 4 albums on Amazon by searching for Nova-K in the digital music section. Again I thank all the folks involved with these albums. Kevin Johnson, Chuck Webster, Joe Bear, Dale Echnoz and Mike Sass.
I would also like to thank many people who helped me over the last four months get through my medical problem. True friends are the greatest gift of all.

Mellower side of NOVA-K

This is the mellower side of NOVA-K.

Lyrics – Mark Novak and Mike Sass.     Music – Kevin Johnson

Everyone has gone a little bit crazy occasionally in their life. This song tells the story of that phenomenon.


Our lives have been programmed from an early age
We are required daily to shine on our chosen stage
The rules have been laid down since before we were born
We are forced to obey without question, doubt or scorn

As the layers of life build up around us
How do we cope with the daily stress and the fuss
Do we go off the deep end and do something completely insane
There’s a better way to cope with all this pressure and pain


Sufficiently crazy to have a good time

Sufficiently crazy helps us keep our mind

Sufficiently crazy helps you to unwind

Sufficiently crazy is a very fine line

The shades of crazy come in many hues
Your state of mind decides which one you choose
We’ve all been pushed into crazy from time to time
The way back from the brink can be a very long climb


Give the world all the best that you’ve got
A balance in life is the way it just has to be
Have fun on the journey and give it your best shot
Discard the negative crazy thoughts, they won’t help you to see


3 albums available for streaming or download on Soundcloud

NOVA-K has decided to share 3 albums worth of music with everyone. Follow this link to our Soundcloud page.

There you can stream all of the songs or if you become a member of Soundcloud you can download them by opening the “…more” tab.

We encourage people to rediscover the joy of sitting back and immersing yourself in music like you did in the”good old days”. Take a break from the mind numbing tube and let your imagination and our music entertain you.

New song posted.

Just posted a song from the new album “A Handful of Sky” on Reverb nation and Facebook. Ever feel that everything is going your way but then the final result is not what you expected? That is what “It’s Not Your Turn” explores. I am sure you can all relate to this. NOVA-K wishes everyone a safe and prosperous new year.
The album is available on CD Baby.

A Handful of Sky is released !

We are pleased to announce the new album “A Handful of Sky”.  This is our 2nd album of 2018 following the progressive rock concept album “Future of Man”. It is a bit mellower but still has some rockin’ tunes like “King of the Ashes” and “Blood Business”.

The lyrics are posted here on the site, check them out.

Please check out the 30 second snippets at either CD Baby –

Or on Amazon :

New album soon to be released

We have just finished our new album “A Handful of Sky”.  It will be released soon to the usual stores.

It is not as produced as the “Future of Man” album. It is a bit more”Americana”. As usual NOVA-K explores the human condition. The title cut explores all the things we were taught to strive for and find that a lot of them are misguided or delusions.

We explore life’s disappointments in “It’s Not Your Turn”, “Regrets” and “Worried Eyes”. We revisit the couple that was the topic of “Steam” on the 2017 album “Sufficiently Crazy”.

We will post the links when it is in the stores.


Release of the remixed and mastered “Gods of Dreams” album

We just released the remixed and mastered version of the album “Gods of Dreams”. With our new software we thought that this album deserved to be remixed. It sounds better. Right now it is available on CD baby at:
It will be in the other usual places in a week or so. 
We cover a lot of topics on this album. From ancient gods to dreams. The most interesting song being “Dream Dancer”. A long progressive rock song talking about dreams and the dream dancer who directs them.
Another of our favorites on this album is “The Awakening”, a dream imagery song. Is it a dream or reality?

2018 release of “The Future of Man” album

2018 brings the release of NOVA-K’s most ambitious project. “The Future of Man” is a concept album that explores one possible path that mankind might be on, three hundred years in the future. Song topics include what the future of society, technology and mankind in general might be.

Many thanks to Chuck Webster and Mike Sass for inspiring lyrics that really paint an interesting journey of mankind. Dale’s musical influence and arrangement skills can be heard throughout the album and Kevin’s multi-instrumental talents are everywhere. Mark’s vocal interpretations and drumming tie it all together.

We hope folks take the time to listen to this entire album and let their imagination paint the imagery of the songs.

Sufficiently Crazy album released in 2017

2016 brought work on a new album that was released in March of 2017 as “Sufficiently Crazy”.  It contains 11 songs and in the NOVA-K tradition, covers a wide variety of topics and musical styles. From the lighthearted “Cannabis Made a Man of Us” to the haunting “Sufficiently Crazy” this album is sure to have something for everyone. And yes, there are political songs on this as well. After all it was the election year here in the US.

It's all about the music