Is It OK

(Lyrics M. Novak, C. Webster  Music – M. Novak)


Is it ok to lie with no shame

Believing in all that you proclaim

Is it ok to deceive and cheat

Winner takes all at others defeat

Is it ok to constantly steal

With avarice as you potter’s wheel


Is it ok to live in your phone

Other voices lost only hearing your own

Is it ok to be rude and crude

Speaking with impulse never subdued.

Is it ok always others to blame

Always the victim no tarnish to your fame



Is it ok to act this way

Is it ok to just obey

Is it ok to not have a say

Is it ok to just stay away

Is it ok to only do it your way

At the end of the day is it still OK?


Is it ok to  feel amused

While the victim’s dignity is refused

Internet gives abusers a voice

All others must listen without choice

Is it ok for all to have an equal say

When most people don’t know night from day


Is it ok  to be held hostage

By attention merchants not even acknowledged

Mad men control our  desires

Moving our mind is what they require

Is it ok to rewrite the rules once written on stone

With new memes of culture that they have honed



It's all about the music