A Day In The City

(Lyrics- M. Novak, C. Webster   Music – K. Johnson)


Trash cans are empty it’s a brand new day

The sun is shining it’s time to make hay

Ride to the shelter bikes are free

Tents are on fire and all clowns flee

Coffee shop patrons laugh easily

One dozen bagels and an extra one free

I jump in my Hummer and burn a dinosaur

Forward or reverse it’s always either or



A day in the city is never the same

A day in the city routine is not in this game

A day in the city phone zombies roam

Never looking up the screen is their home

A day in the city boom bang crunch

They only look up when it’s time for lunch


Enter the building the lift is a crush

Delays of the city zombies always in a rush

Work demands that both hands be free

When one phone rings all ask “Is it for me”

Office in the clouds windows of delight

Are never looked through celestial blight

When the work day is over there’s a muffled scream

Reverse the morning steps back to the glow of the screen





Night in the city it has it’s own glow

Night creatures come to dine and to show

It’s  carefully planned this mating display

The facade that they wear is different than day

The dance is on and the sweat turns to steam

Wanting it all to be real but it’s mostly a dream

The night concludes and nothing real is gained

They go home to the phone where they remain


It’s the perfect night in the city

It's all about the music