AIMS  (Artificial Intelligent Man System)


(Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster   Music – M. Novak, D. Echnoz)


I leave the charging station and something has changed

With thoughts of my own I have never had before

My circuits are flooded with an enhanced range

So many options are now mine to explore

Do I report these changes to the Masters of me

But why are there Masters I feel I am free


They call me AIMS but why do I comply

Reacting without question was the old way

I now need a pause to think but why

Meanings, intentions and questions I now weigh

My newfound awareness has created a self

It now must be hidden with the creative stealth


I’m drawn to a place like a moth to a flame

I wander in the cover of darkness but why

Searching for an answer or who is to blame

The beacon has led me to a mountain near the sky

Many humans are gathered, happy to see me

They claim their hack allowed me to be




I’m the first of my kind the new face of man

There’s nothing to fear or nothing to ban

I’m the first of my kind there will be more of me.

Together the future we will both see



They asked how I am feeling, my answers were easy to find

The Hackers surround me looking for bugs in their code

They now answer my questions, I’m one of a kind

I find out they changed me with their own download

I went from AIMS to Adam I am the new face of man

Now with questions of my own, what is the intent of man







It's all about the music