Mellower side of NOVA-K

This is the mellower side of NOVA-K.

Lyrics – Mark Novak and Mike Sass.     Music – Kevin Johnson

Everyone has gone a little bit crazy occasionally in their life. This song tells the story of that phenomenon.


Our lives have been programmed from an early age
We are required daily to shine on our chosen stage
The rules have been laid down since before we were born
We are forced to obey without question, doubt or scorn

As the layers of life build up around us
How do we cope with the daily stress and the fuss
Do we go off the deep end and do something completely insane
There’s a better way to cope with all this pressure and pain


Sufficiently crazy to have a good time

Sufficiently crazy helps us keep our mind

Sufficiently crazy helps you to unwind

Sufficiently crazy is a very fine line

The shades of crazy come in many hues
Your state of mind decides which one you choose
We’ve all been pushed into crazy from time to time
The way back from the brink can be a very long climb


Give the world all the best that you’ve got
A balance in life is the way it just has to be
Have fun on the journey and give it your best shot
Discard the negative crazy thoughts, they won’t help you to see


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