Graveyard Bell

Lyrics – C. Webster Music – M. Novak


Ring Ring Ring – A graveyard bell

Which hole is it – no one can tell

The sound pierces – gloomy night

No others hear it – deep fright


Eyes so heavy – are they sewed shut

The smell of wood – freshly cut

Breath brings in little – stale dead air

Skin tingles – so cold – flesh is bare



Ring ring ring, – it seems so real

Ring ring ring – I could even feel

Ring ring ring – true and surreal

Ring ring ring- what is revealed


I try to sit up – head is struck

My shoulders held tight – what the fuck

Legs so far away – can I move a toe

Arms pinned to side – they feel froze


My mind starts to process – am I dead

Why so dark – why so dread

Told not to worry – heaven was nice

Not for me – not at this price

It feels so real




My sanity return – where could I be

My body held tight – want to be free

Terror takes over – am I buried alive

Screams echo loudly – my heart might subside


My arms start to shiver – I hear a distant ring

Turning louder – ring, ring, ring

Ringing is closer – steady and clear

Can anyone hear me – remove my fear


It rings and rings – my arms grow tired

My phone keeps ringing – an answer required

My phone keeps ringing – an answer required

Its just my phone  ringing not a graveyard bell

An answer required

Thank god an answers required


It's all about the music