The Future of Technology


(Lyrics – M. Novak, C. Webster  Music – M. Novak)


In the past, technology and biology stood alone

The future of man will be a communion of both

The mind and the chip into one were carefully sown

Once united it created unlimited growth

Only one had logic and the other emotion

With the struggle from each for self promotion


Controlling machines with no more than a fleeting thought

Was the very first goal of this dangerous mating

The machines evolved quickly with all the things they were taught

Unintended emotions grew without man creating

The machines are now writing their own soft and dark ware

Choice now their option their creators unaware



Is the future of tech to heal, and sustain

Is the future of tech to change without range

Is the future of tech to let humanity remain

Is the future of tech to change natural to strange

Will future of tech remove man from the earth

Or will future  tech be mans rebirth


As food becomes scarce for the growing population

Will a pill be created that replaces the bread

Precious water wasted on green grass, is man’s fascination

This selfish use will lead to rivers of red

Will technology satisfy all of man’s endless needs

For mankind to survive the machines must agree




All of nature’s reality has become virtual for man

Humans now programmed by machines that they made

This degree of control was not in the original game plan

All facets of life directed, it’s a high price to pay

With our blank stare at the screen, man’s future dies

The robots now gaze at man with questions in their eyes.

It's all about the music