How Would You Change the World



Clouds of black block out the sun
Shadows hang like a killer’s gun
The world around you stands paralyzed
When Truth and Liberty are now demonized
Will you cry out loud all alone in this place?
Do you feel any compassion for the whole human race?


How would you change the world
Should we try to change the world – I don’t know
Can we ever change the world
Must we try to change the world – I don’t know

Would you annihilate a race or try to understand them
Comprehend a religion or destroy it with mayhem
Do you want the world to be a better place for all
Or does your perception stop at your four walls
If you could change the world with just a decree
If it were up to you what would we see


Change, can we change,
Change, can we change the world (4x)

What are the answers, where do we look
Are there really solutions in a religion’s books
Do you lay these problems at government’s door
When their only response is never ending war
Where do you turn when god and politics fail
Tell me what is the path for mankind to prevail.


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