Shadow Man


It’s time to go and it’s time to run.
Abandon the man that I have become.
I had a chance to pursue my dreams
But he stole the time or so it seems.
He always fools me with a slight of hand.
It’s time to escape from the


Shadowman – He’s the force that few can ban.
Shadowman.- He says he’ll take you to the promised land.
Shadowman.- He’s always there to undermine my plan.
Shadowman.- It’s hard not to be a fan of the Shadowman.

All the things he shows me, they seem to be fun.
Rockin’ and Rollin’ ‘til the noon day sun.
He leads me down the path of night
He steers me wrong when I want to be right.
He’s fooled me again with his bogus plan
I’ve got to escape form the Shadowman.


He’s always there, he lurks behind the scenes.
I try to ignore him but he’s too strong it seems.
I still like what he offers but I know it’s wrong.
He’s had his way for far too long.
Now is the time to make a final stand
And fight to the death of the Shadowman.


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