Liquid Lover


He possessed you oh so slowly,
A little more every day.
Did he arrive when you were sad and lonely?
I guess he made you feel a special way.

He says he’ll help you ease your pain.
I promised to love you and help you get through.
Clinging to him you’ve got nothing to gain.
I offered my heart but that’s not enough for you.
I offered my love but that’s not enough for you.


How can I compete with your Liquid Lover?
He says it’s OK to partake I’m your Liquid Lover.
I tried to help you shake your Liquid Lover.
Your life’s going down the drain with your Liquid Lover
He only laughs at your pain your Liquid Lover.
Liquid Lover Liquid Lover

Some people think that you could leave him with ease
But when he returns he knocks you to your knees.
I know it’s not simple to break up with him
But I promised to be there and help you win.

You’re a different girl when you let him in.
The love that you showed me he’s now locked away.
My love and your child don’t mean as much as him.
I hope you find the strength to turn him away.
I hope we both can find true love someday.


Was it all a lie did he tell you what to say?
Don’t let him ruin your life, look what you’ve thrown away.
A chance at real love in this difficult world
But you choose to be a Liquid Lovers girl
Liquid Lovers girl Liquid Lovers girl

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