Goodbye Molly


Hello Molly I wonder if you’d remember me.
We couldn’t share our life and that’s the tragedy.
I was part of your life for a very short time
Then your Mom sent me away, she didn’t let me say goodbye.

I loved to watch you grow and discover the world.
I was starting to think of you as my little girl.
You touched my heart when you asked to call me Dad
But now I cry for the life we never had.


Goodbye Molly – You don’t know that I loved you.
Goodbye Molly – I always think of you.
I’m sorry Molly – I couldn’t change what took place.
I’m sorry Molly – You hardly felt my embrace.

Did you ever wonder why I was no longer there?
I’m sure your Mom never told you that I really cared.
She said she loved me but her words were not true.
She didn’t give our love a chance, not for me or you.

I wanted to be there and watch you evolve.
To advise and help you get your problems solved.
To run with you in the park and play on the swing.
I’d play my guitar and you’d dance, laugh and sing.


Now that you’re all grown up and I’m old and gray
I wish I could tell you what was thrown away.
I often think of the times when you were small
And the family denied thanks to alcohol.

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