Cards on the Table


If you don’t love me then don’t lead me on.
Don’t you spend our precious time if your feelings are gone.
The game is ending, but it’s not over yet.
The time has come to place your last bet.

I’ve wagered my heart love’s a high stakes game.
I only wish you would wager the same.
Take a long hard look at the cards you were dealt
It’s not hard to see this was love that we felt.


Put your cards on the table
Don’t you try to call my bluff
Put your cards on the table
I think we talked enough.
With the cards on the table it”s plain to see
This is not the way love’s supposed to be.

This is the last hand now the chips are all in
The way the deck is stacked believe me no one can win.
We should both fold our hands and pretend we didn’t play
Or regret the last bet till our dyin’ day


Show me your hand
Play all your cards

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