What Did You Do Girl


There was a girl who had a child
She was but a child too.
She thought it was for love
But when it came to push and shove
She was the one who paid the dues.

She left her home and her family
Determined to make it on her own
Then the world came crashing in
She knew it was a sin
But no again she’s all alone.


What did you do girl
What did you take from this world
What did you do girl
Couldn’t you find another way
What did you do girl
You couldn’t live with yourself.

She always dreamed of the perfect life.
A loving father for her son.
Now there’s not a chance
Her nightmares too advanced
Soon her young life will be done.


She couldn’t take the guilt of what she’d done
It killed her baby and her soul
Now there’s nothing left to do
But try to make amends
Now the world is minus two


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