I’m An American


Don’t you tell me I can’t drive my big SUV.
‘Cause I’ m a rich American
No energy crisis for me.
I don’t care if I use more than my share.
Or if the rest of the world thinks that’s unfair.


I’m an American I’m thirsty for crude.
And I’m an American the world thinks I’m lewd.
Well I’m an American don’ care what they say.
And I’m an American it will be my way.

Take a look at my big house.
It’s more than I need.
But it’s what I want now,
It’s not a monument to greed.
While most of the world lives in rundown shacks.
I’m a rich American, I’ ll just ignore those facts.


How much money is enough for me.
I need an endless supply.
There is nothing that I see that I don’t want to buy.
I hear there are people somewhere
Who can’t even eat.
But not in America unless you choose to live in the street.


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