Coma Vision


We’re surrounded by remotes, but who’s really in control?
Watching hour after hour of Coma Vision really takes its toll.
Who can dance who can sing who survives who’s the king?
Why do we care?
It’s just more Coma Vision comin’ right at you
So sit back and stare.


Coma Vision – Tells you what you what to dream.
Coma Vision –  Tels you what you need.
It numbs the soul and mind
But it helps you forget the daily grind.

They’ll tell you what to buy and think, and how your life should be.
And all you have to do to learn the secret is pay your monthly cable fee.
As your mind turns to mush watchin’ your new HD set.
More channels of Coma Vision are on the way to make your mind forget.


24/7 all year long Coma Vision is there for you.
We’ll give you the news form our point of view
And we’ll do your thinkin’ too.
It won’t be long so please stay tuned, your future is on the way.
We’ll plug right into your mind and see what we can find.
And give you your thoughts for today.


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