Blind Belief


Take a look at the world today
And see the chaos all around.
Have you stopped to realize,
It’s mostly religion bound.
Believing in ancient writings
Is really no way to live.
Nothings ever been proven,
It’s just some people’s narrative.


Blind belief – how can you justify
Blind belief – it’s mostly fantasy
Blind belief – there’s nothing to verify
Blind belief – It’ just a fallacy
Blind belief

Each religion believes their scriptures
But theres no proof of their diety.
Penned by superstitious people
Whose lives were filled with fear and savagery.
They were threatened by an unseen power.
If they questioned it they were tried for heresy.
After thousand of years of evolution,
How can we still embrace this philosophy?


Christians Muslims and the Jews
Would kill you for no real reason.
They all get angry if you question their views.
It’s their highest form of treason.
If religion would cease to exist
Mankind might see some relief.
But until that day we’ll keep fighting each other
‘Cause the world is run by Blind Belief.

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