Soul Reset



When your mind’s on fire your soul’s aflame
Is it you or me or who’s to blame
We’re paralyzed by options so many to choose
No matter the decision we feel like we loose.

What channel to watch what song to hear
Email, text which website or beer
Decisions assault you demanding resolve
But after its made what did it solve?


Illusion, confusion, delusion is a constant threat
What we really need is a Soul Reset
Isolation, Confrontation, Aggravation’s what we get
What we really need is a Soul Reset

Give your thumbs a rest let and your ringtone fade
Slip out the door and enjoy the day
Toss the remote and take control
Time passes quickly and with it your soul

Make one more decision to disconnect now
Look into yourself and you’ll discover how.
You’ll find your mind at ease and your problems small
When you stop and reset and step away from it all


If you haven’t reset it’s all still the same
Is it phones or computers or yourself to blame
Choices still attack you, they have to be solved
But when the decision is made what did it resolve?

We all need a Soul Reset

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